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Screen maker is able to create screenshots with professional look.
xda-developers (Smartphone mockups with Screen Maker)
app-preview (Screen Maker – zrzut ekranu naniesiony na telefon)

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You can select screenshots as much as you want to.
Built-in image browser shows all images
from the device with typical resolution for screenshots.

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A few additional features.
• device shadow (drops shadows below a device)
• device reflection (drops reflection with alpha channel below a device)
• device skew (changes x/y-axis)
• rotate device (rotates an image around its center)
• screen glare (drops screen glare)
• device resize (scales an image - percent range)
• screenshot behind device (original screenshot is placed behind new image)

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Mixing the features.
Select what you want.

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A lot of devices, tablets and phones.
Landscape and portrait view.
Sorting by display resolution or manufacturer.

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